Self-organized travel by personal car journey Ho Chi Minh city -> Cantho city

The country of Vietnam is such a great and amazing place for many visitors from around the world. Any traveler who wishes to go out of the country for a tour must try to come and visit Vietnam for many good reasons. Vietnam is a country in the Southeastern part of Asia and it is always an accessible place to visit. Moving around the beautiful country of Vietnam is easy. You may roam around by car or by bus and you will surely have a great time to enjoy.

Can Tho City is one of the many cities that you must visit if you have plans of coming to Vietnam. It is not just a city to explore, but a city where you will have a memorable one of a kind experience. The Can Tho city is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam. You will surely enjoy your trip using your personal or private cars because of the accessibility of the place and with the help of the very friendly people or tour guides that will suit your convenience.

Ho Chi Minh city to Can Tho city

If you have plans of organizing a trip to the Can Tho city coming from the Ho Chi Minh City, from your private cars, then you will surely be planning to drop by on the most amazing places around the Mekong Delta. Even upon arrival at the airport, you may ask for a private car to rent because different agencies are there to help you get a car for your tour. It will always be convenient and safe to hire private cars from the airport and you just have to consider your budget. Of course, you will not be hiring a private car if you are not prepared for it.

From the Ho Chi Minh City, you are going to start your trip. And of course the first place that you would love to visit is the Cai Rang Market in the Can Tho City. If possible you have to make sure to arrive the Mekong Delta early morning because it will be best to reach the Mekong Delta early to avoid too much sun exposure and heat.

Your next destination would be the Unicorn Island, where you may get a motor boat, so that you can enjoy the boat ride tour and enjoy the view along the Mekong River, the creeks, fisherman’s port and the stilt houses around the river.

Then you may have a taste of the natural tea with honey from the bee farm and you will meet people from the village for a cultural experience and exploration. You may also come and visit the different shops for different products and foods, especially from the coconut trees. There are so many people selling foods and handicrafts made out of coconut. And compared with a trip by the Ho Chi Minh tour or Mekong delta tour, the travel itself has an interesting, comfortable as the time and place…

If you still have time and want to explore more on the river, then you may extend and continue your river boat trip. You may then buy products from different merchants on the floating market. Have a taste of different tropical fruits and let folk music serenade your boat trip for a different experience to remember.

If you are all done with your trip, then you may go back to the Ho Chi Minh City. The trip to the Can Tho City will surely be a lot of fun if you will learn to appreciate things around the Mekong Delta. You will surely come again and you will not regret a wonderful trip around the Mekong Delta. Your Can Tho City tour will surely be one of the best places that you won’t forget.

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