Men’s Running Shorts And Tops

It is very important to wear proper types of clothing while training or running in an event. Proper clothing will allow more ventilation and much comfort for the runner. When you are thinking about the running apparel for training or running, you have to pick two vital options. Which shorts should you wear and which top?

Running Shorts:
Once runners used to wear a separate pair of underwear under their shorts. In that era, no built in underwear was available. But nowadays runners have the bottom with built in underwear. To determine your running shorts, you have to consider the following three factors:

Long inseam or short inseam:
Every runner has their own different taste. Short inseam shorts are especially for the elegant and professional runners who do not want to carry a single extra ounce which may slow them down. Non professional runners also go for sort inseams for their particular event. If any runner does not want their shorts to be too short, they can go for long inseam. Again, such shorts will give your much sporty look and that’s why they are a very good pick up for the gym.

Long inseam or short inseam

Pockets Or No Pockets:

You have to consider about the pocket before you buy your running shorts. If you want to carry your emergency key, mp3 or money while running, a pocket shorts will be better for you. The elite runners, who do not want to carry any extra accessories while running, should go for the shorts without any pockets.

Pockets Or No Pockets

Outer Material:
The outer material is also an important factor before buying running shorts. The outer fabric should be a high quality product so that it can wipe out the moisture. A reflective band would be better to make your running safer in the early morning or dark evening.
Running Tops:
Before buying a running top, consider the flowing options:

Running Singlet:

Running singlet is preferable for warm climates or the hot period of the year. It can provide much comfort and flexibility rather than long sleeve or short sleeves. As it is very lightweight, it will cover the runner, but will not add any extra weight on the runner on the racing day.

Running Singlet

Short Sleeve:

If a runner do not like a singlet, sleeveless or it’s too warm to wear a sleeveless, then he can simply wear a short sleeve. Such running shirt will provide you protection for the upper arm and shoulder from the sun.

short sleeve

Long Sleeves:

These running shirts are appropriate for a cooler climate. If the runner does not want singlet, short sleeve or sleeveless, he can easily go for a long sleeve. Some runner picked long sleeve in hot weather too, because it gives protection to their am from sun burn. Sporting companies now produce very light weight long sleeves, which will not add any extra weight as well as protect your arms.

long sleeve


When runner thinks that short sleeves or long sleeves are too hot to wear and run, he can easily switch to sleeveless tops. Runners, who appreciate wider shoulders, should go for sleeveless tops


Before picking up your running shorts and tops, the first priority should be your comfort. If you are not comfortable with the dress while running, a dashing outlook or anything else will be ended in smoke.

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